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Top Downloads for August 2021 

These are the top downloads for Human Project Music for the month of August, 2021.  Well over 50 different Human Project songs were downloaded, but these are the top ones. All but 57 Channels were writtern by The Human.

Highway 58   2017

57 Channels 2019

Goin South  2008

Life  2019

Right Wing Billy 2011

Deep River 2008

Hi Fallutin Momma 2006

The top downloading countries were:

USA.  Canada. France. Finland. Czechoslovakia. Denmark. Brazil.

Thanks for you support of Human Project Music.


American Mean 

About 6 or 8 months ago, I wrote a song simply called "American Mean."  It is about how mean we treat each other, not only here in the USA but all over the world.  Alot of the meaness is inspired by politics.  So, after some time went by I finally added video to the song itself.  Just click on the link below and it will take ya right there.  Share the video if you would like.  Thanks alot!

August Updates 

I have not posted a blog in awhile. I do have the monthly downloads for July, 2021, but all in all about the same as the previous months.  I continue to do my podcast, but did encounter some software difficulties that have made it frustrating. 

I found an old song of mine that I re-did using more of an acoustic approach to it, and found the song to be even more relevant than when I recorded it in 2014. It's called "Politics."  It is simply about man's inablitity to get along in almost every critcial area.  I did a little YouTube video of it and I am providing the link below, simply click on it.

I am trying to travel some and enjoy retirement more, but Covid of course has other ideas.  I appreciate your support. I have a small but loyal fan base and they are greatly appreciated.  Until next time....peace and love.