The Story of The Creepers, A Halloween Horror Tale.

I wrote The Creepers in 2008, and it's on Human Project II, Humanized. It's about what goes on the dark alley's of the inner cities at midnight of Halloween Eve.  Basically, The Creepers come out.  They come out in ever more force if it happens to be a full moon.  While I wrote this song, Dana Long of Visalia, CA who I co-producted the CD with, contributed heavily with is brilliant guitar work.  The song is almost 7 minutes long, which is really too long for many to stay with it.  But I consider to be one of my best tracks ever. It was mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone, who has really gone big time since he mastered my stuff. Below is a link to a little promo I did that is around  2 minutes long. You should be able to at least get the flavor of the track. The full version is on all major music sites if you would like to download it.

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