Pre-gig relaxation

Pre-gig relaxation

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Mescaline Alley. A New Version. 

I originally wrote "Mescaline Alley" around 2018.  The original version is very slow and trippy and has a druggy haze ambiance that describes a dude on a trip as he entered an alley where a somewhat hidden music club was located.  The original version is highlighted by AC Myles electric guitar lead that adds to this ambiance.  Recently, this song has kinda swirled around in my head and this more upbeat acoustic driven version finally came to fruition.  I recorded it in the home studio using my old Boss BR 1600 digital recorder.  My Yamaha F 450 Acoustic guitar drives the song. I also added a Fender Strat and I set my amp to a Tremolo Twin Setting.  It really added even more ambiance.  I put a bass in with this and used the Alesis SR 16 drum machine to put a "kick" drum sound in.  I also used a cardboard box lid for a snare type sound.  Then I added in some shakers for even more ambiance.  This version of course has flaws, but if you try to fix these, more often that not you lose some of the magic going on in the track.  So, I mixed and mastered it as is, and here ya go.  "Mescaline Alley" 2022.  I used this version as a soundtrack for this YouTube video I recently completed.  The link is below for you to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all of your support.

Loyd...The Human.  May 2022.

Downloads for April and Miscellaneous News  

Greetings.  The month of April was one of the top months for sales/downloads of Human Project Music a quite sometime.  Fans from over 20 different countries downloaded my music, and there were some shake-ups in the top 10 list.  I see this as a good thing, because it means people are digging deeper into the Human Project Music catalog. The top songs downloaded for April were as follows.

Top Downloads:
57 Channels                                           Fading To Gray 2019

Norwegian Wood                                   Human's Last Stand 2014

Fadin To Gray                                        Fading to Gray 2019

Highway 58                                            Humanize 2017

Taliban Man                                           Best of The Human Project 2010

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                 The Real Stuff 2006

Headin For Tennessee                           The Real Stuff 2006

Requiem For Washington                      Last Train Out 2011

Got Myself In Trouble                             Humanize 2017

Mescaline Alley                                      Fadin to Gray 2019

Top Countries that downloaded HP Music:

USA. Indonesia. People's Republic of China. France. Germany. Great Britain. Australia. Switzerland. Canada. Greece. Norway. Turkey. Brazil. Many more countries, but these were the top ones.       

The new release, "Ridin The Rails," is just starting to show up in the download statistics and I am sure will make more of an impact in next months report.

I appreciate all that support my music.  I have no agent. No marketing people. No Label. I just put my stuff out there, do minimal marketing myself and let the chips fall.  Given all this, I am amazed by the sales and amount of love my music gets from all of you.

If you have not heard my top download for this month,  57 Channels, I have placed it below. Just click on it to give it a listen.


Planet On Fire 

If you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change and its threat to our planet. This blog is for you.

I just finished writing a song which I chose to call "Planet on Fire."  It's about the threats our planet faces that come pretty much from the activity of man.  It is a very sparse track to give it more of a haunting feel. I only use a Yamaha F450 acoustic guitar, and my Stratocaster to put in some simple leads that don't interrupt the flow and feeling. I also used it for some light rhythm as the track progresses.  Also, a simple tambourine in the last couple of verses. I did a video to the song on one of my more obscure YouTube Channels and I will link it here. It is pretty powerful.

I also placed this song in my music section. It has not been released and is only available here for .99 cents if you would like to download it.

Thanks for dropping by.  Peace and Love

March News and Download Sales  

Greetings.  The new release, "Ridin the Rails," has been released for a little over a month now.  This has not been long enough for download sales to make it into my sales/download reports I receive from CD Baby. I will know more about how it is doing in the next couple of months. Thanks to all fans that have downloaded it from all the various music sites. This report has sales from all my previous releases and each month seems to have a few surprises. This month is no different. 

Top download sales for March 2022.

Norwegian Wood                  Human's Last Stand 2011                           Lennon/McCartney
Life                                        Fadin to Grey 2019                                     Vandergriff
Headin For Tennessee         The Real Stuff 2006                                     Vandergriff
Highway 58                           Humanize 2017                                           Vandergriff
Hard Work Blues                   Best of the Human Project 2010                 Vandergriff
Goin South                            Human Project II, Humanized 2008            Vandergriff
Fast Train                              Humanize 2017                                           Vandergriff
Hi Fallutin Momma                The Real Stuff 2006                                     Vandergriff
Train 69                                 Fadin To Gray 2019                                     Vandergriff 

Top Countries that downloaded My Music For March
USA. Indonesia. Canada. China. Great Britain. Germany. S. Africa. Switzerland. Russian Federation.

Many of these songs are showing back up in the top download sales after long absences.  Norwegian Wood was a top seller for several years before falling out of the top.  This is a good sign that people are going through the Human Project catalog and revisiting lots of The Human's older material. It will be exciting to see how the new release will do once it fully gets into the system.

If you are interested in getting the new one, "Ridin The Rails." The link is provided, right below.

I am working on a few new YouTube videos.  I have a section in this website of current video's, feel free to go and check them out. And of course, thank you for all your support. Some of you are long time Human Project Fans. Very cool!
You can check out Hard Work Blues from 2010's Best of the Human Project below. Just click on it and crank it up!

Home Studio Recordings Using a Boss BR 1600 Digital Recorder. 

When I got started writing and recording back in 2004, I relied heavily on a BOSS BR 1600 digital recorder. It had a very steep learning curve, but once I started to get it dialed in, it became very useful to get basic tracks recorded. I would then burn the tracks to a CD, so I could give it to musicians to learn the songs before coming into the studio.  Over time, I started to get better and better using the machine.  After 4 or 5 years, the hard drive on my original machine burned out, so I purchased another one. A few years ago, I felt like some of the songs were sounding good enough to actually release to the public.  Currently, many of my top download sales each month have several songs that were recorded using the Boss.  I can use up to 10 tracks on the machine for pretty much whatever I want. Vocals, harmonies, guitars, bass all that.  I have used a AKG C 2000 Condenser mic from the beginning.  Honestly, I can get as good a sound on my vocals using it than I can get in a professional recording studio. I also use it to mic up my Yamaha F450 Acoustic Guitar.  Same thing here. Killer sound if I can get it dialed in good. The only limitation on this machine is the use of drums. It does have a built in drum machine, but for me it's not very flexible. I also have used an external Alesis SR 16 with decent results. Often times, I use no drums at all, but compensate with conga's and other things.  I put multi-layered harmonies on all my tracks as well. It has a mastering tool kit on it that allows me to really polish the tracks up. The huge limitation with the Boss is it does not allow you to edit like most all programs out there today that many use right on their laptops.  A huge downside. But I have managed to make this old technology work pretty damn well.  My most recent release, "Ridin The Rails," has 8 songs on it that were recorded on the Boss.

Boss BR 1600 Digital Recorder and the AKG Condenser Mic. The Alesis Drum machine in next to it on the left.

My current Podcast has 10 songs on it that were recorded on this machine.  I am giving you the link below if you would like to check it all out.