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Pre-gig relaxation

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Top Downloads of Human Project Music for February 2021 

These are the top downloads of my music for the month of February 2021. Statistics provided by CD Baby.

Highway 58                                 Humanized 2017

Requiem For Washington           Last Train Out 2011

Juke Joint Showdown                 Human's Last Stand 2014

57 Channels                                Fadin to Gray 2019

Life                                              Fadin to Gray 2019

Friday Thang                              Last Train Out 2011

Running From the Shotgun        Last Train Out 2011

High Anxiety                               Human Project II, Humanized 2008

The Intersection                          The Intersection 2020


Top Countries That Downloaded:

USA. Spain. Mexico. Germany. France. Poland. Canada. Finland. Brazil. UK.

Top Download sites:

Spotify. YouTubeMusic. Deezer. ITunes-Apple Music USA. Amazon US Premium Service. Google Music Store. Amazon DE Premium Service.

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music. I plan to release 2 or 3 new songs by April 1, 2021. It will be a short EP.


Who is listening to Human's Show? 

The Human has hosted Human's show for over 10 years.  He plays a variety of music, hot blues and smokin rock.  Almost all old school.  Why? Because this music is the best.  There is nothing going on today in the music scene that can duplicate it or sound like it. For this reason, this is what he plays. He has an extensive collection of vinyl and cd's that he draws from. He also plays his own music, (The Human Project)  His audience is an international one, and can vary from week to week, or month to month but the countries listed are pretty consistent.  The same with US cities.

The top US Cities that regularly listen to his show are:

Newark, NJ. Fresno, CA. Kansas City. Denver. Chicago. Dallas. Houston. Wichita. Washington DC. Portland. San Diego. Philadelphia. Tampa. Cincinnati. Charlotte. New York City.  (There are more, but these are consistent with good numbers of listeners)


Australia. (Melbourne, Adelaide) UK (Glascow, Liverpool) Russian Federation (Khabarovsk) Germany. Netherlands. France. Spain. Austria. Sweden. Canada. South Africa.

The link to Human's Show is below.  Go check it out. If you sign up you will automatically receive an email on when a new show goes up.

Top Downloads for January 2021 

The new year has begun and this is the top downloads for Human Project Music for the month of January. Some new songs found their way into the top downloads and that is cool. People are searching around and listening and downloading different songs.

The Top Downloads:

Highway 58                                               Humanize 2017

Life                                                            Fadin To Gray 2019

Hard Work Blues                                       Best of The Human Project 2010

Headin For Tennessee                              The Real Stuff 2006

My V8 Ford                                               Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Deep River                                                Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Red Vette Roll                                           The Real Stuff 2006

Bar Room Meltdown                                  Humanize 2017

57 Channels                                              Fadin To Gray 2019

All songs written by The Human, Loyd Vandergriff except 57 Channels written by Bruce Spingsteen.


Top Countries that downloaded:

USA. Finland. South Africa. Canada. Great Britain. France. Denmark

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  The Human writes, produces and markets his songs. He has no agent. No label. No publicist. He lets the music do the talking.  Thanks to all of you that find it.

The Story of Connection  

In approximately 2018, The Human decided he would try to cover the Jagger-Richards song, "Connection."  It was not the Stones version of it, but rather an obscure version done by Montrose in 1974. It was on their Paper Money album.  The Human really liked their version with Sammy Hager laying down a great vocal. So he sent this version to Jerry Leal at Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA and asked him what he thought.  He said, " I know a guy who can help you with this." His name was Rick Willmitch and yes, he could most certainly do that. He sketched out the track with guitar, bass and drums and we met at Pyramid. He played what he had and I really liked it.  I started to work on laying the vocal which was more difficult than I though it would be, but I finally nailed it. I brought it Sharon Jordan Leal of Fresno to add some background harmonies I arranged.  I had Rick lay a harmonica solo down in a couple of places.  And, we pretty much had it. I sent the track to Jeff Sanders of Merced, CA to master it. He did a killer job so "Connection," was born.  It is not a top seller, but really it is one of The Human's favorite tracks.  So, that is the story of Connection, It is on 2019, "Fadin to Gray," a download only release.  

Top Downloads for 2020 

This is the top downloads for Human Project Music for the year of 2020.  Over 60 Human Project Tracks were downloaded from over 30 Countries.

These are the top 10 Downloads:

Highway 58                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

From Humanized 2017. Fresno, CA


From Fadin to Gray 2019, Clovis, CA

Requiem For Washington

From Last Train Out 2011 Fresno, CA

57 Channels

From Fadin To Gray 2019 Clovis, CA

Jimmy's Juke Joint

From The Real Stuff 2006 Fresno, CA

High Anxiety

From Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Vicodin Blues 2019

From Fadin To Gray 2019 Clovis, CA

Fast Train

From Humanize 2017 Fresno, CA

Norwegian Wood

From Human's Last Stand 2014 Fresno, CA

Bar Room Meltdown

From Humanize 2017 Fresno, CA


Over 30 different countries downloaded Human Project Music.


Russian Federation





Great Britain


Thanks for you support of Human Project Music for yet another year.  Let's see what 2021 has in store.