Top Downloads for January 2023.

This are the top downloads of Human Project Music for January, 2023.

The Devils Right Hand (Steve Earle)
Riding the Rails 2022

Highway 58 (Vandergriff)
Humanize 2017

Bad Luck Acoustic (Vandergriff)
Ridin the Rails 2022

Politics 2022 (Vandergriff
Ridin the Rails 2022

Southern Accents (Tom Petty)
Ridin the Rails 2022

57 Channels (Springsteen)
Fadin to Gray 2019

Life (Vandergriff)
The Intersection 2020

Can't Let Go (L. Williams)
Ridin the Rails 2022

My V8 Ford (Vandergriff)
Humanize 2008

Top Countries that downloaded HP Music:

USA. China. Germany. France. Netherlands. Canada. Finland. Ukraine. Brazil. Austria. Great Britain.

New Release:

Essential Human Project 2005-2023. The End of the Road releases on all platforms on February 6th, 2023.

Thanks for all of your support of Human Project Music.

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