Top Downloads For October 2023

October was a really good month for Human Project Music, with close to 600 downloads from around 40 different songs, most of them originals but a few covers are in there as well. 

Here are the top downloads for October

Highway 58                                                    Vandergriff
Humanize Essential Human Project

Hard Work Blues                                          Vandergriff
Best of the Human Project 2010

Norwegian Wood                                         Lennon/McCartney
Last Train Out 2014

57 Channels                                                 Springsteen
Ridin The Rails 2021

Standing in the Shadows                           Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Juke Joint Showdown                                 Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 2023

My V8 Ford                                                  Vandergriff
Human Project II  2008

Fast Train                                                     Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 2023 

Spider and the Fly                                      Jagger/Richards
Single Release

Whiskey                                                      Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 2023

Top Countries For Downloads

USA. Mexico. Germany. Canada. France. Finland. Hungary. Japan. Switzerland. Great Britain. Spain.

Thanks to all that support Human Project Music, the music of Loyd Vandergriff from Central, CA.  I fly under the radar but have a good international fan base.  With over 80 songs written, maybe I will catch a big break someday.
Keep it rockin and thanks again.

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