Top Downloads for September 2023

September was a good month for downloads of Human Project Music.  There was a good uptick in downloads compared to August for sure.  Over 30 different countries downloaded Human Project Songs.

This is the top Ten:

Highway 58                                               Vandergriff
Humanize 2017

Stormy Night in Texas                             Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Standing in the Shadows                        Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Hard Work Blues                                      Vandergriff
Best of the Human Project 2010           Vandergriff

Fast Train                                                   Vandergriff
Humanize 2017

Goin South                                                 Vandergriff
Human Project II 2008                             Vandergriff

Juke Joint Showdown                                Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 05-2003

Evil On The Loose                                     Vandergriff
Single Release

Lookin For My Freak Flag                        Vandergriff
Human's Last Stand 2015

Ridin This Train                                         Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Top Countries that downloaded:

USA. Finland. Denmark. Brazil. Netherlands. Great Britain. Russia. Italy. France. Sweden. Portugal. Australia.

Human's Next big release will the Essential Human Project II, that will drop in January of 2024.  It will contain another 15 songs written by Loyd Vandergriff that span his entire career of recording. There will be plenty of really good ones.

Thanks for all of your support of Human Project Music. It is a Lone Wolf operation.

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