Early March Updates.

The new CD, "Essential Human Project seems to be doing pretty well, but I will not really know until I get the March sales reports.  This will have allowed enough time for the CD to get into all systems and sites.

My 2008 CD, Human Project II, Humanized never got the publicity or marketing it should have. I consider it to be my best one. It has 10 original songs on it.  This, along with the 9 I wrote for my first release "The Real Stuff, made 19 original songs on my first two releases.  This accomplishment impressed some people in Lousiana enough that they nominated me for the Blues Hall of Fame. I thought they were joking.  But..I was admitted in 2010.  No one around these parts even knows this, or much about my music.  Anyway, I wanted to leave a link for you to Human Project  II, Humanized.  This will take you to all sites, allowing you to find the one that best suits you, and you can download it.   It was mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC by Steve Fallone. It has a big time sound.


One of the killer tracks on this release is My V8 Ford. I recently did a rockin video to this song. The link is below.


The next blog will cover download sales for March, 2023.

Keep it Rockin!


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