Top Downloads for August 2023

While downloads fell off some this month, it was still a very solid one for Human Project Music.

The top downloads were:

Norwegian Wood                            Lennon/McCartney
Human's Last Stand 2014

Highway 58                                      Vandergriff
Humanize 2017

57 Channels                                     Springsteen
Fadin to Gray 2019

The Spider and The Fly                  Jagger/Richards
Single Release 2023

Ridin This Train                               Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Hard Work Blues                            Vandergriff
Best of the Human Project 2010

Lookin For My Freak Flag              Vandergriff
Human's Last Stand 2014

Standing in the Shadows              Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Goin South                                       Vandergriff
Human Project II 2008

Jimmy's Juke Joint                           Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Top Countries to Download HP Music

USA. South Korea. Finland. Denmark. China. Brazil. Indonesia. Netherlands. Canada. Australia. Great Britain.

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music!!!

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