The Story of Spider and The Fly 

Sometimes a song will pop into my head and I will go into my little studio and mess around with it some. More often than not, nothing will come from this and I just move on from it. If it starts to feel good, and I think I might be onto to something, I will turn on my Boss BR 1600 Recorder and lay down an acoustic rhythm track to see how that feels.  If I get that dialed in, and it still feels good, I will add a scratch vocal and  continue to build the song track by track.  Even with this, there are no guarantees and I have often abandoned songs even at this stage.  But sometimes, magic does occur as was the case with this Rolling Stones Song, "The Spider and the Fly."  Once I got this track finished, I sent it to my friend AC Myles to put down a lead track. (I left room for this). He also added some rhythm stabs as well.  He knocked this out of the park, so now I have what I consider to be an really good version of Spider and the Fly.  It has not been released yet, but I probably will release it after the first of the year with 3 or 4 other songs.  The link to the promo of this song is below.  

What did I use on this song?

Yamaha F450 Acoustic guitar. Fender Strat. Epiphone Bass. Alesis SR 16 drum machine. (kick only) Bongo's or conga's. Shakers. And, I did the vocals using a AKG P220 Condenser Mic.


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