Top Human Project Downloads for July 2023

The momentum remains strong for Human Project Music with 706 downloads for July.  70 different songs from 50 countries again.  It was cool to see Ukraine downloading some.  Thanks to all the fans on a global scale. 

Top Songs:

Highway 58                                       Vandergriff
Humanize 2017

Whiskey                                             Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 2023

Hard Work Blues                              Vandergriff
Best of the HP 2010

Bar Room Meltdown                        Vandergriff
Humanize 2017

Drive, Drive, Drive                             Vandergriff
HP II, Humanized 2008

Evil On the Loose                              Vandergriff
Single Release 2016

Requiem For Washington                Vandergriff
Last Train Out 2011                       

Juke Joint Showdown                        Vandergriff
Essential Human Project 2023

Lookin For My Freak Flag                 Vandergriff
Human's Last Stand 2014

Standing in the Shadows                 Vandergriff
The Real Stuff 2006

Top Countries that downloaded:

USA. Denmark. Italy. Mexico. France. Canada. Spain. Great Britain. Japan. Brazil. Russia. Ukraine. Poland. 

This is the link to a recent interview I did on Central Valley Talk, Fresno, CA.  If you are further interested in the Human Project (Loyd Vandergriff) and how he goes about his music, you will enjoy this.

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