Planet On Fire

If you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change and its threat to our planet. This blog is for you.

I just finished writing a song which I chose to call "Planet on Fire."  It's about the threats our planet faces that come pretty much from the activity of man.  It is a very sparse track to give it more of a haunting feel. I only use a Yamaha F450 acoustic guitar, and my Stratocaster to put in some simple leads that don't interrupt the flow and feeling. I also used it for some light rhythm as the track progresses.  Also, a simple tambourine in the last couple of verses. I did a video to the song on one of my more obscure YouTube Channels and I will link it here. It is pretty powerful.

I also placed this song in my music section. It has not been released and is only available here for .99 cents if you would like to download it.

Thanks for dropping by.  Peace and Love

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