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Downloads for April and Miscellaneous News  

Greetings.  The month of April was one of the top months for sales/downloads of Human Project Music a quite sometime.  Fans from over 20 different countries downloaded my music, and there were some shake-ups in the top 10 list.  I see this as a good thing, because it means people are digging deeper into the Human Project Music catalog. The top songs downloaded for April were as follows.

Top Downloads:
57 Channels                                           Fading To Gray 2019

Norwegian Wood                                   Human's Last Stand 2014

Fadin To Gray                                        Fading to Gray 2019

Highway 58                                            Humanize 2017

Taliban Man                                           Best of The Human Project 2010

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                 The Real Stuff 2006

Headin For Tennessee                           The Real Stuff 2006

Requiem For Washington                      Last Train Out 2011

Got Myself In Trouble                             Humanize 2017

Mescaline Alley                                      Fadin to Gray 2019

Top Countries that downloaded HP Music:

USA. Indonesia. People's Republic of China. France. Germany. Great Britain. Australia. Switzerland. Canada. Greece. Norway. Turkey. Brazil. Many more countries, but these were the top ones.       

The new release, "Ridin The Rails," is just starting to show up in the download statistics and I am sure will make more of an impact in next months report.

I appreciate all that support my music.  I have no agent. No marketing people. No Label. I just put my stuff out there, do minimal marketing myself and let the chips fall.  Given all this, I am amazed by the sales and amount of love my music gets from all of you.

If you have not heard my top download for this month,  57 Channels, I have placed it below. Just click on it to give it a listen.


Planet On Fire 

If you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change and its threat to our planet. This blog is for you.

I just finished writing a song which I chose to call "Planet on Fire."  It's about the threats our planet faces that come pretty much from the activity of man.  It is a very sparse track to give it more of a haunting feel. I only use a Yamaha F450 acoustic guitar, and my Stratocaster to put in some simple leads that don't interrupt the flow and feeling. I also used it for some light rhythm as the track progresses.  Also, a simple tambourine in the last couple of verses. I did a video to the song on one of my more obscure YouTube Channels and I will link it here. It is pretty powerful.

I also placed this song in my music section. It has not been released and is only available here for .99 cents if you would like to download it.

Thanks for dropping by.  Peace and Love

March News and Download Sales  

Greetings.  The new release, "Ridin the Rails," has been released for a little over a month now.  This has not been long enough for download sales to make it into my sales/download reports I receive from CD Baby. I will know more about how it is doing in the next couple of months. Thanks to all fans that have downloaded it from all the various music sites. This report has sales from all my previous releases and each month seems to have a few surprises. This month is no different. 

Top download sales for March 2022.

Norwegian Wood                  Human's Last Stand 2011                           Lennon/McCartney
Life                                        Fadin to Grey 2019                                     Vandergriff
Headin For Tennessee         The Real Stuff 2006                                     Vandergriff
Highway 58                           Humanize 2017                                           Vandergriff
Hard Work Blues                   Best of the Human Project 2010                 Vandergriff
Goin South                            Human Project II, Humanized 2008            Vandergriff
Fast Train                              Humanize 2017                                           Vandergriff
Hi Fallutin Momma                The Real Stuff 2006                                     Vandergriff
Train 69                                 Fadin To Gray 2019                                     Vandergriff 

Top Countries that downloaded My Music For March
USA. Indonesia. Canada. China. Great Britain. Germany. S. Africa. Switzerland. Russian Federation.

Many of these songs are showing back up in the top download sales after long absences.  Norwegian Wood was a top seller for several years before falling out of the top.  This is a good sign that people are going through the Human Project catalog and revisiting lots of The Human's older material. It will be exciting to see how the new release will do once it fully gets into the system.

If you are interested in getting the new one, "Ridin The Rails." The link is provided, right below.

I am working on a few new YouTube videos.  I have a section in this website of current video's, feel free to go and check them out. And of course, thank you for all your support. Some of you are long time Human Project Fans. Very cool!
You can check out Hard Work Blues from 2010's Best of the Human Project below. Just click on it and crank it up!

New Release and more... 

These are the songs on my new release, "Ridin The Rails."

The Devil's Right Hand
This was written by Steve Earle, and a song I have always wanted to do. I recorded it at Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA working with Rik Willmitch a very talented musician as well as a producer and engineer.   This is not an anti-gun song, but one about a mother concerned about her son who became infatuated with pistols at too early and age.  A rocker in the finest Human tradition.

Bad Luck Acoustic
I wrote this song in 2010. The original version is on "Best of the Human Project," released in 2010.  I have always loved the song. The studio version is is ok, but some things on the track bothered me.  I felt it was well suited to acoustic treatment. So, this is a sparse acoustic version of the song.  I think you will like it.

Politics 2022
I can't remember exactly when I wrote this.  It was when the bitter partisan divide was just starting in the USA.  I recorded it with a band in 2014 and It appears on my CD, "Human's Last Stand."  I was not entirely pleased with the result.  I thought it lent itself well to me doing an acoustic version. So I recorded it in my home studio around 2019.  I got AC Myles to toss some lead guitar in.  I added all the other stuff. I think the song is just as relevant today as it was when I wrote it.  I think fans will like this version more.  

Southern Accents
This is a song by Tom Petty.  I was encouraged to do it by my friend David Brown from the Fresno/Clovis, CA area.  All the credit as far as the musicianship goes to him. He played everything. I tried to lay a decent vocal down.  My roots are in the south and in Texas as well. I am grateful for his good work on this and felt like I wanted to include it on my new release.

Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way
I loved this Waylon Jennings song. I started messing with it in my home studio. I got a good basic track put down and what I consider to be a damn good vocal.  I had David Brown come over and toss in a mandolin.  I had some empty spaces on the track so I put a harmonica in. This was not my strong suit, but its there...raw and rollin.  I think country fans and my fans in general will dig this.

Can't Let Go
I first heard this song on one of Lucinda William's first records, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road." I liked it.  All these years later, I started messing with it in my home studio and got a killer tone on my acoustic guitar, so I put down and acoustic track. It felt good, so I added a vocal and then tossed in a bass guitar and a kick drum. I got AC Myles to toss in a simple lead, and here we are...Can't Let Go. Simple and sparse. Enjoy.

This Land is Your Land
Yes, the classic Woody Gutherie song.  I started messing with it one day around a 4th of July I think and I just recorded it.  I played everything on it and just decided to include it on this release. I think it fits.

Stoned to the Bone
Back in the day, when the weekend would roll around it wouldn't be uncommon to hear someone say I'm gonna get Stoned to the Bone tonight. So, in honor of those days, I wrote..."Stoned to The Bone."  You might get a little smile on your face if you can relate. 

Dead Flowers
One of my favorite Jagger/Richards songs.  Around 3 years ago, I just tore into it and recorded it. I played everything.  You might be interested to know that I used a cardboard box for a snare sound.  They used to to this back in the late 50's.  Anyway, I think it has its own charm and feel to it. Enjoy.

That's the tracks to Ridin The Rails. Here is the link to get it.


Human Project News for February 2022 

Hello Friends and Fans.  Here is some updates on what is happenin with HP Music.

New Release:
My new digital release, "Ridin the Rails," officially drops March 8th, 2022. It has 9 songs on it. There are some of my favorite covers, plus a few originals.  You can get it at all music sites such as ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. You can listen to "The Devil's Right Hand," in the music section of this website.  So, be on the look-out for new HP Music!

Ridin the Rails Cover

Top Downloads for February, 2022.
Another good month of downloads, so here are the top ones as well as top countries that downloaded.
Highway 58
Humanized 2017

My V8 Ford
Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Norwegian Wood
Human's Last Stand 2014

Fadin to Gray 2019

Jimmy's Juke Joint
The Real Stuff 2006

Headin for Tennessee
The Real Stuff 2006

57 Channels
Fadin To Gray 2019

Single Release 2019

Running From The Shotgun
Last Train Out 2011

Top Countries Downloading:
Indonesia! USA. China. Iran. Brazil. Canada. Switzerland.

Thanks for checking in.  Be on the look-out for.....Ridin The Rails!

News and Top Downloads for January 2022. 

I have been in Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA working a new song for the past 6 weeks. It has been a slow process, but I almost have the track complete. It is a cover of Steve Earle's, "The Devils Right Hand."  Once this track has been completed, I will release it,  along with 6 or 7 others songs in a download only format. Some of these will be originals and some will be covers of songs I like. So, I guess you could say that this will be a new CD. Physical CD's just don't sell anymore. If I feel good about how this release turns out, I might make some "special edition" CD's for limited release.  This release will be available at all music sites, like ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.  This should happen within the next 6-8 weeks. It is a slow process.

Top downloads for Human Project Music for January, 2022.                                                                                                 

Fadin To Gray
From Fadin to Gray 2019

57 Channels
From Fadin to Gray 2019

Norwegian Wood
From Human's Last Stand 2014

Highway 58
From Humanized 2017

Vicodin Blues 2019
From Fadin To Gray 2019

Taliban Man
From Best of the Human Project 2010

Headin for Tennessee
From The Real Stuff 2006

Jimmy's Juke Joint
From The Real Stuff 2006

Top Downloading Countries
USA. Sweden. Switzerland. Norway. Canada. Great Britain. Germany. Australia. Brazil.













Pyramid Studio. Fresno, CA 2022.

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music. I am a true independent artist.  Financing, Producing
and marketing my own music. No big Label. No management. I put it out there, you find it. Very cool.                                

News and Top Downloads for December 

On the news front, I am back in the studio working at Pyramid recording here in Fresno, CA.  I am covering a Steve Earle song I have liked for years.  This is taking some time for various reasons. Once I get this complete, I am now leaning more towards releasing an essential Human Project CD with some of my best stuff since 2006.  I would include this new track.  Things are starting to wind down for me as an artist and I think this is a good time to release something of this sort.

Top Downloads for December                                                                                                                                           

Highway 58    Humanize 2017

Life    Fadin to Gray 2019

Hard Work Blues Best of the Human Project 2010

Headin For Tennessee  The Real Stuff 2006

My V8 Ford  Human Project II, Humanize

Deep River  Human Project II, Humanize

Red Vette Roll  The Real Stuff 2006

Bar Room Meltdown Humanize 2017

57 Channels  Fadin to Gray 2019

Top Countries Downloading 

USA, Finland, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, France, Denmark                                                       

Top Downloads for November 2021 

This months download report had some real surprises and some older songs broke into the top downloads list.  It's always nice when fans dig in and find some of my "other stuff." I have written a ton of songs and if you dig deep like some do, you will find them. That's what happened here.  Here are the top downloads for November.

Fading to Gray                                                                                                                                                                    Fadin to Gray 2019

Taliban Man                                                                                                                                                                          Best of the Human Project 2010

Norwegian Wood                                                                                                                                                                  Human's Last Stand 2014

Highway 58                                                                                                                                                                          Humanize 2017

Stormy Night In Texas                                                                                                                                                          The Real Stuff 2006

57 Channels                                                                                                                                                                        Fadin to Gray, 2019

Headin For Tennessee                                                                                                                                                        The Real Stuff 2006

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                                                                                                                                              The Real Stuff 2006

Bar Room Meltdown                                                                                                                                                            Humanize 2017

All songs written by The Human, except Norwegian Wood and 57 Channels.

The top countries that downloaded were:

USA. France. Brazil. Canada. Norway. Finland. Netherlands. Sweden.

*Working on a few new tracks. :)


I mentioned previously that I had a lot of stuff recorded but not released yet, and I would be releasing it probably in December. I am putting this on hold.  I have decided I want to record 2 or 3 cover songs that I have always liked. I have already started on one at Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA.  I will take this one song at a time, but I would like to do at least 3 songs.  Then, I will evaluate where I am with this. But one thing you can count on is that I will be releasing some new stuff in early 2022.  I will have my download/sales report for November soon. Thanks for your support of Human Project music.  I have no label. No management. I finance, record and pretty much produce my own stuff. The fact that you find it and buy it is very rewarding.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog and your support.  I will be in touch. 

Top Downloads for October 2021 

Downloads of Human Project Music remain strong even though The Human has not released anything new in a year.  This might change very soon. Be on the look-out for news about this.  

Top Downloads for October.

57 Channels

My Flag

Highway 58

Red Vette Roll

Fadin to Gray

Vicodin Blues 2019

Keep it To Yourself 2017

Riding This Train 2006

All songs written by Loyd Vandergriff except 57 Channels, written by Bruce Springsteen.  This music comes from releases that span from 2006-2019.  All of his music is on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Top Countries That Downloaded:                                                                                                                                                                                   

USA. China. Canada. Finland. Spain. Norway. South Africa. Switzerland. Germany. France.   

Loyd Vandergriff writes most of his music. Pays for all the engineering, and production cost. Market's his own music. Has no label or management. The fact people find his stuff is a testimony to the strength of his songs.  Thanks for all of your support. You know who you are.

Be on the look-out for a possible new release in December, tentatively called, "Back Pages."   These will be songs from his archives. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.                                                             




Top Downloads for September, 2021 

Downloads of Human Project Music remained strong for the month of September 2021.  For the first time of a couple of years, Highway 58 was knocked from its number one position and replaced by "Vicodin Blues 2019."  This is an acoustic version of this song recorded in my home studio.  The original studio version is on "Last Train Out," recorded in 2011. Overall there were over 50 different Human Project songs downloaded, many of course multiple times from different regions of the world. The vast majority were written by Loyd..The Human.  

Here are the top downloads:

Vicodin Blues 2019 (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Highway 58 (Humanize 2017)

Keep it to Yourself (Single Release 2019)

57 Channels (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Deep River (HP II, Humanized 2008)

Life (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Headin For Tennessee (The Real Stuff 2006)

Goin South (HP II, Humanized 2008)

Stormy Night in Texas (The Real Stuff 2006)

Norwegian Wood (Human's Last Stand 2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Over 25 different countries downloaded HP Music. The top ones are listed below.                                                                

USA.  China.  Brazil.  Germany.  Austria.  Canada.  Australia.  Switzerland.  France.  UK.                                                    

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  Although I have no label, no PR firm and don't play live. People still find and purchase my music.  This is of course...very rewarding and speaks very highly of the songs.



Top Downloads for August 2021 

These are the top downloads for Human Project Music for the month of August, 2021.  Well over 50 different Human Project songs were downloaded, but these are the top ones. All but 57 Channels were writtern by The Human.

Highway 58   2017

57 Channels 2019

Goin South  2008

Life  2019

Right Wing Billy 2011

Deep River 2008

Hi Fallutin Momma 2006

The top downloading countries were:

USA.  Canada. France. Finland. Czechoslovakia. Denmark. Brazil.

Thanks for you support of Human Project Music.


American Mean 

About 6 or 8 months ago, I wrote a song simply called "American Mean."  It is about how mean we treat each other, not only here in the USA but all over the world.  Alot of the meaness is inspired by politics.  So, after some time went by I finally added video to the song itself.  Just click on the link below and it will take ya right there.  Share the video if you would like.  Thanks alot!

August Updates 

I have not posted a blog in awhile. I do have the monthly downloads for July, 2021, but all in all about the same as the previous months.  I continue to do my podcast, but did encounter some software difficulties that have made it frustrating. 

I found an old song of mine that I re-did using more of an acoustic approach to it, and found the song to be even more relevant than when I recorded it in 2014. It's called "Politics."  It is simply about man's inablitity to get along in almost every critcial area.  I did a little YouTube video of it and I am providing the link below, simply click on it.

I am trying to travel some and enjoy retirement more, but Covid of course has other ideas.  I appreciate your support. I have a small but loyal fan base and they are greatly appreciated.  Until next time....peace and love.