Top Downloads for July, 2020.

It was a good download month for Human Project music, considering the new release, "The Intersection," has not gotten into the system yet. That takes about 3 months.   

People from 31 different countries downloaded the music this month. Of particular interest is Japan knocked the USA out of the top slot.  Thank you Japan for diggin the music!!!!

The Top Countries:

Japan, USA, France, Canada, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Great Britain.

The top downloaded songs:

Highway 58                                               Humanized 2017

High Anxiety                                              Human Project II, Humanized 2008.

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                    The Real Stuff 2006

Running From the Shotgun                       Last Train Out 2011

57 Channels                                              Fadin to Gray (Download Only release)

Norwegian Wood                                       Human's Last Stand 2014

Stormy Night in Texas                               The Real Stuff 2006

Hi Fallutin Momma                                    The Real Stuff 2006

Vicodin Blues 2019                                    Fadin To Gray (download only release)


People are clearly finding some of my older releases like The Real Stuff in 2006.  I am sure this is the case with Japan. Very cool!!!!

Thanks for all your support of Human Project Music. I have no management. No label. No PR firm. I write the songs. Produce them, and get them out there to you.  You find it. That's awesome.  We are in this thang together.  Keep Rockin!


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