Top Downloads of Human Project Music for February 2021

These are the top downloads of my music for the month of February 2021. Statistics provided by CD Baby.

Highway 58                                 Humanized 2017

Requiem For Washington           Last Train Out 2011

Juke Joint Showdown                 Human's Last Stand 2014

57 Channels                                Fadin…

Who is listening to Human's Show?

The Human has hosted Human's show for over 10 years.  He plays a variety of music, hot blues and smokin rock.  Almost all old school.  Why? Because this music is the best.  There is nothing going on today in the…


Top Downloads for January 2021

The new year has begun and this is the top downloads for Human Project Music for the month of January. Some new songs found their way into the top downloads and that is cool. People are searching around and listening…


The Story of Connection 

In approximately 2018, The Human decided he would try to cover the Jagger-Richards song, "Connection."  It was not the Stones version of it, but rather an obscure version done by Montrose in 1974. It was on their Paper Money album…


Top Downloads for 2020

This is the top downloads for Human Project Music for the year of 2020.  Over 60 Human Project Tracks were downloaded from over 30 Countries.

These are the top 10 Downloads:

Highway 58                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

From Humanized 2017. Fresno, CA



Top Downloads for November 2020

A good month for downloads of Human Project Music. 

Here are the top downloads.

Highway 58                                              Humanized 2017

Requiem For Washington                        Last Train Out 2011

Vicodin Blues 2019                                  Fadin To Gray 2019

Fast Train                                                 Humanized 2017

Right Wing Billy                                       Last…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing friends and fans of the Human Project a Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

All we can do during these times is the best we can during this horrible pandemic.  Stay safe and the vaccine should be arriving for us all in…

October Downloads for Human Project Music

October downloads of my music. Statistics provided by CDBaby.  

Highway 58                                                Humanized 2017

Running From The Shotgun                      Last Train Out 2011

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                    The Real Stuff 2006

Requiem For Washington                          Last Train Out 2011

High Anxiety                                              Human Project II…

September Downloads for HP Music

September another good month for the music of Loyd Vandergriff, better known as "The Human," to his friends and fans.  As you well know, most of The Human's songs are original.  He incorporates many musical influences from his past into…

Podcast. The Human Project, The Studio Sessions

I recently did a podcast with hand picked tracks from my studio sessions. They range from 2005-2017.  The Link to this podcast will be below. During the podcast, I talk about each song and what went into to getting it…


August Downloads of HP Music and More

Greetings. It's been awhile since I have given you some updates.  All is good with me, but I have been taking a little break from things.  I have not played much guitar and have not written or recorded anything since…


Late Night Humanization

I have been hosting a podcast for 10 years now. It's called Human's Show. It is on Podomatic.  I just did a show of only my music where I kind of hand picked some tracks I like.  Some of the…