Mescaline Alley. A New Version.

I originally wrote "Mescaline Alley" around 2018.  The original version is very slow and trippy and has a druggy haze ambiance that describes a dude on a trip as he entered an alley where a somewhat hidden music club was located.  The original version is highlighted by AC Myles electric guitar lead that adds to this ambiance.  Recently, this song has kinda swirled around in my head and this more upbeat acoustic driven version finally came to fruition.  I recorded it in the home studio using my old Boss BR 1600 digital recorder.  My Yamaha F 450 Acoustic guitar drives the song. I also added a Fender Strat and I set my amp to a Tremolo Twin Setting.  It really added even more ambiance.  I put a bass in with this and used the Alesis SR 16 drum machine to put a "kick" drum sound in.  I also used a cardboard box lid for a snare type sound.  Then I added in some shakers for even more ambiance.  This version of course has flaws, but if you try to fix these, more often that not you lose some of the magic going on in the track.  So, I mixed and mastered it as is, and here ya go.  "Mescaline Alley" 2022.  I used this version as a soundtrack for this YouTube video I recently completed.  The link is below for you to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all of your support.

Loyd...The Human.  May 2022.

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