Updates. Coronavirus.

I hope everyone is doing ok. Since my last post about the release of my new material, the Corona Virus has pretty much exploded world-wide.  Cities like New York are getting overwhelmed now with cases. The entire country for the most part is on lock down.  I have been in a self-imposed quarantine for 11 days straight now. This doesn't mean I don't go outside, I do to walk and jog. It's plenty safe to do that.  I do push-ups and weights in the house to try and stay in shape as best I can. I have also been doing a little vlog on my obscure YouTube channel that I use for friends and fans only. I will put the link here for you to check it out.  If you like it, you can subscribe, I put up all kinds of stuff there, not shared with the general public.  




Also, just as a reminder, I have a new release coming out at the end of this month (March) called "Intersection." It will have 10 new songs on it, 7 are Human Project originals. My friend, AC Myles from Fresno adds his scorching guitar work to 2 songs on this release. I play all the rest of them myself. I will keep you posted and will provide you the link when it is released. You can download right into your phone or Ipad or even player in your car.

Stay safe. We are living in a brand new world now.  A world where music can become even more important to us.


The Human. 2020.  7 releases, blues hall of fame in 2010 as singer-songwriter and one of Central California's best selling artists.



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