Welcome to the Human Project site that features the music of Loyd Vandergriff, better known as The Human of The Human Project.  He is one of the top selling artists in the Central Valley of California.  He has released 6 CD's from 2006-2017 of almost entirely original music, and a download only release, "Fadin to Gray," that was recently released in January of 2019.  In 2020, he released, "The Intersection," more new music and a download only release as well.

Feel free to browse through the site, check out some of the music. Get ya some of it if ya get that feelin.

The Human is an American original, an undiscovered nugget. 

Best of The Human Project released in 2010.  A classic!!!

Detailed Biography

What started out as a hobby with the release of his 2006 CD “The Real Stuff,” has slowly turned into more serious business for Loyd (The Human) Vandergriff. His infectious beats and witty lyrics have slowly begun to catch on with fans all over the world. This is in spite of the fact that he has no label, no professional management or PR firm backing him. He writes all the songs, produces all his CD’s and markets them all himself. His download sales on all music sites like Spotify and ITunes have slowly increased over time as more and more people discover his music; So much so that after a 3 year hiatus, he decided to release a CD of all new material, “Humanized," in 2017. It contains 9 new Human Project tracks, and The Human is in vintage form. Loyd was born in Georgia, and even though he left the south at age 13 and moved to California, his musical roots were established there. From Buddy Holly to Elvis to hot rockabilly, he started feeling those beats and they got down into his soul. He comes from a rather musical family as well, with some good fiddle, mandolin and guitar players. He got a good dose of these genes. He played in high school rock bands all 4 years in the late 60’s. From CCR to The Rascals to Steppenwolf, Wilson Pickett,The Beatles Stones, and more, all of this comes out in his music today in one way or another. In his 20’s, he got the nickname “The Human.” This came from his love of music, extensive vinyl collection and willingness to share it with the cold beer flowing. After over a 30 year period where he hardly played at all, he was given a Stratocaster by his partner and friend from Greenwood, Mississippi in 2005. It didn’t take long for the feeling to play to came back. He purchased a Boss BR 1600 recorder and starting messing around writing some songs. These tracks showed great promise, so he went into the studio in 2006 and recorded “The Real Stuff.” Songs like Jimmy’s Juke Joint, Standing in the Shadows and Red Vette Roll got people’s attention world-wide. In 2008 he recorded Human Project II, Humanized. This was followed up by several more over time, and his fan base continued to build. So now we have “Humanized.” A collection of songs in the finest Human Project tradition. From the grooving Fast Train, to the rockin Bar Room Meltdown and Take it All, to the slow smoldering Highway 58, fans will not be disappointed with this new release. So download some tunes or get the CD. Find out what the fans already know about The Human. Unique. Original. Organic, real music. Get yourself Humanized.


The Human. An ambassador to the blues. March 2010