Top Downloads of Human Project Music for March 2021.

Downloads of Human Project music continue to be pretty strong even though I have not released any new music in awhile.  I do have 2 or 3 songs that have not been released, and this could happen in the near future.  It is nice to see so many fans discovering some of my earlier stuff that goes back to 2006, and downloading that.

Top Downloads for March 2021

Highway 58                                         Humanized 2017

57 Channels                                        Fadin To Gray 2019

America. Where Are You Now?           Single release 2017

My V8 Ford                                          Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Ridin This Train                                   The Real Stuff 2006

Red Vette Roll                                     The Real Stuff 2006

Requiem For Washington                    Last Train Out 2011

Hard Work Blues                                  Best of The Human Project 2010

All songs written by Loyd Vandergriff except 57 Channels. It was written by Bruce Springsteen.

Top Countries to Download

USA. Canada. Germany. Japan. South Africa. Brazil.

Top Music sites that were the source of the downloads.

Spotify. Apple Itunes. Apple Music Europe. Deezer. Itunes Canada. Apple Music, Itunes USA

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.

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