Top Downloads for June 2021 of Human Project Music

Loyd Vandergriff is The Human,  the song-writer and driving force behind The Human Project since 2005.  He produces and arranges all the songs as well as finances and markets.  But in the end, the music has to stand on its own and he is gratified that enough people find his songs even though he has no label or professional marketing behind him.  For June, over 60 different Human Project Songs were downloaded with The Human writing the vast majority of them. Over 30 countries were involved with this and the top sites where his music was downloaded from were:

Top Sites for Downloads:

Spotify. YouTubeMusic. United Media Agency. Tidal. Deezer. ITunes-Apple Music Canada. ITunes-Apple Music USA.

Top Songs Downloaded:

Highway 58 Vandergriff Humanized 2017.

57 Channels. Springsteen Fadin To Gray 2019.

Requiem For Washington. Vandergriff. Last Train Out. 2011.

Red Vette Roll. Vandergriff. The Real Stuff 2006.

Life.  Vandergriff. Fadin to Gray 2019.

Jimmy's Juke Joint. Vandergriff. The Real Stuff, 2006.

Fast Train.  Vandergriff.  Humanize 2017.

Vicodin Blues. Vandergriff.  Last Train Out. 2011.

18 Wheels. Vandergriff. Human's Last Stand 2014


Top Countries That Downloaded:

USA. Canada. Russian Federation. Norway. Finland. Japan. France. Brazil. Denmark. S. Africa. Netherlands. Mexico.      

Thanks to all that find my music and download it.  Your support over the years has been gratifying and much appreciated!

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