Top Downloads for January 2021

The new year has begun and this is the top downloads for Human Project Music for the month of January. Some new songs found their way into the top downloads and that is cool. People are searching around and listening and downloading different songs.

The Top Downloads:

Highway 58                                               Humanize 2017

Life                                                            Fadin To Gray 2019

Hard Work Blues                                       Best of The Human Project 2010

Headin For Tennessee                              The Real Stuff 2006

My V8 Ford                                               Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Deep River                                                Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Red Vette Roll                                           The Real Stuff 2006

Bar Room Meltdown                                  Humanize 2017

57 Channels                                              Fadin To Gray 2019

All songs written by The Human, Loyd Vandergriff except 57 Channels written by Bruce Spingsteen.


Top Countries that downloaded:

USA. Finland. South Africa. Canada. Great Britain. France. Denmark

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  The Human writes, produces and markets his songs. He has no agent. No label. No publicist. He lets the music do the talking.  Thanks to all of you that find it.

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