Top Downloads for April 2020

It was a very good month for Human Project Downloads.  328 total download sales.  64 different songs, 58 written by Loyd, aka The Human. Close to 30 different countries downloading the music.  This does not include the new release which has gotten bogged down at CDBaby.  This should be resolved soon.

Top Downloads

Highway 58                                              Humanize 2017

Life                                                           Fadin to Gray 2019

Vicodin Blues 2019                                  Fadin to Gray 2019

Jimmy's Juke Joint                                  The Real Stuff 2006

57 Channels                                             Fadin to Gray 2019

Fast Train                                                 Humanize 2017

Requiem For Washington                        Last Train Out 2011

Fadin To Gray                                          Fadin To Gray 2019

High Anxiety                                            Human Project II, Humanized 2008


Top Countries:

USA,  Russia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Australia


Cover For "Intersection." 

Should be out soon now.

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