September Downloads for HP Music

September another good month for the music of Loyd Vandergriff, better known as "The Human," to his friends and fans.  As you well know, most of The Human's songs are original.  He incorporates many musical influences from his past into his songs.  But in the end, they are his songs and his style. People are beginning to recognize this more and more as they become more acquainted with his songs.

The top countries to download HP Music were as follows:



Russian Federation





*over 20 more countries downloaded The Human's Songs.

Top Downloaded songs:

Highway 58                          Original                                                                 Humanize 2017

Life                                       Original                                                                 Fadin To Gray 2019

57 Channels                        Springsteen                                                           Fadin To Gray 2019

Requiem For Washington    Original                                                                 Last Train Out 2011

Bar Room Meltdown            Original                                                                 Humanize 2017

Norwegian Wood                 Lennon/McCartney                                               Human's Last Stand 2014

High Fallutin Momma           Original                                                                The Real Stuff 2006

High Anxiety                         Original                                                                Human Project II, Humanize 2008

Bad Momma                         Original                                                               Human Project II, Humanize 2008


Thanks to all the fans who find my music.  I have no manager, marketing agent, or promoter. I do it all myself. I write most all the material and finance it. I get the best players from this area (Central California) to help me out in the studio.  I know the ones I need.  They don't disappoint.

The Human

October 2020



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