New Release Updates 

The news regarding my new release "Intersection," is not good. While CDBaby is understaffed and many are working at home, there is no excuse for the clusterfuck I have faced trying to get this released.  They have had it for 3 months. Little or no communication from them.  Finally, they come back and tell me my cover art does not meet their standards in terms of photo quality. WTF. I used software they provided to get the pic to quality requirements they require. And this is a digital download release only. This pic is not for a physical CD. So....I submitted a pic taken by a professional photographer close to 10 years ago.  The only way this will be rejected is if I have used it before on a single release or something like that.  Hell, I can't remember. I have released "a few."  Songs like "Corona," that was written in February are losing their relevance, which is a bummer because the song was spot on. It is a hot jam with AC Myles on lead guitar.  

That all said, I think "Intersection" is a very good release.  10 songs. 7 originals.  Some of the songs are deeper and more thought provoking. I have been doing this for 16 years now and I feel I continue to grow as an artist, although I am not getting any younger.

I hope you will consider Intersection when it finally does release.  I will provide you with the link.


New Cover For Intersection.

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