New Release and Miscellaneous 

The Human will be releasing, "Intersection," in late March of 2020.  It will be a download only release and it will be available at all music distribution sites like Apple Music, Spotify all of those.  It will have 10 new songs, 7 of them being Human Project originals. This will be the Human's first release since January of 2019. (Fadin to Gray)  Click the link below to go check out a YouTube Video The Human did regarding this release. You will find it informative.

One of the tracks on the new release is called Corona. Yes, it's about the virus. The Human wrote it right when you broke out in Wuhan, China.  It's a sparse acoustic driven track the cool conga's and AC Myles lays down an absolutely smoking lead part.  You can listen to it below. Turn it up.


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