new videos..short clips of studio process

I laid the bass tracks to 5 songs today. I have explained how I have "building" these tracks. The videos try to explain further how I do this.  Unfortunately, I can't get the entire video to load from my phone…

May 15th Recent update

I am not back in the studio until May 21st. I will be putting down bass tracks to 5 songs at that time. I will try to get some video and pics and inform you how this session went. From…


May Studio Update

My last blog told you about laying rhythm guitar tracks to 5 songs. I used my strat and my hot rod deluxe amp to a click track or programmed drum machine to the proper beats per minute. Then, I put…

Studio Update

Pretty good progress today in studio. I put down my guitar tracks for 4 songs.  For this project, I am not bring a bull blown band into the studio.  I am playing to a click track, or in this case..Bill…

Studio Updates

Things are starting to become a little clearer as to what may happen with potential new CD.  I will only be working in 2 studios.  I am getting close to finishing 3 acoustic rock type tracks at Cobalt here in…


More Studio Updates/Memphis

Just got back from Memphis. Was on business trip, but of course I work the music scene in down on beale st.

I got bogged down in the studio, what else is new as far as that goes?  The latest…

Studio News Updates!

Finally!  Back in studio..workin on 2 new tracks.  Brought in AC Myles from Fresno yesterday..and he put down some killer hot slide guitar on both tracks. 1)  The Red Rose. 2) Runnin up the Freak Flag.  Human will go in…


Human Project Updates

The Human has been sidelined with the flu and other assorted health issues. This has knocked him out of the studio for awhile. He is planning on getting back in sometime soon.  He has written a few new tracks and…


Human Project II, Humanized

I wanted to encourage you to click this link and check out my second CD, Human Project II Humanized. Read the reviews on it. If you haven't purchased it yet, you can get the physical copy for $8.99 and the…


Human Project selling in Europe

There has been a recent flurry of Human Project sales in Europe. They must be listening to

my podcasts and diggin some of the Human Project tracks I am playing.  Thanks to

Be Goode Records out of Bern, Switzerland and…


Human Into Blues Hall of Fame

The Human was nominated and admitted into the blues hall of fame on March 10th, 2010.

Check it out!!!

go to on local blues artists...Fresno, CA