Top Downloads of Human Project Music For June 2023

A very good month for downloads of Human Project Music with close to 700 downloads from close to 50 different countries. More rewarding is the fact that The Human, (Loyd Vandergriff) wrote all of the top downloads himself.

The top…

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Top Downloads for May 2023

Another good month for Human Project Downloads with over 600 songs from over 30 different countries downloaded.

Highway 58                                          Humanize 2017

Standing in the Shadows                  The Real Stuff 2016

Juke Joint Showdown                         Essential Human Project 2023


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Some Updates


I feel like some updates are in order, so here we go.

I had hip replacement surgery 3 weeks ago.  It is not an easy road, but I am making progress and expect a full recovery.

I have been…

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April Downloads.

Close to 900 downloads as Essential Human Project has finally got into all platforms.

Highway 58
Requiem For Washington
Drive, Drive, Drive
Ridin This Train
Hard Work Blues
Bar Room Meltdown
Standing in the Shadows
Juke Joint Showdown
Norwegian Wood…

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YouTube Shorts and Download Sales For March

Download sales for March were good, the new release, “Essential Human Project,” has not started to show up yet, it takes a couple of months.  Here are the top downloads

The Devils Right Hand                                          Riding The Rails  2022
Steve Earle

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Early March Updates.

The new CD, "Essential Human Project seems to be doing pretty well, but I will not really know until I get the March sales reports.  This will have allowed enough time for the CD to get into all systems and…

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Top Downloads for February and other HP info.

The new CD, “Essential Human Project,” has been well received but it is not yet reflected in monthly sales.  It takes some time to get into their system. Thanks to all of you that have been supportive.  I have no…

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Top Downloads for January 2023.

This are the top downloads of Human Project Music for January, 2023.

The Devils Right Hand (Steve Earle)
Riding the Rails 2022

Highway 58 (Vandergriff)
Humanize 2017

Bad Luck Acoustic (Vandergriff)
Ridin the Rails 2022

Politics 2022 (Vandergriff
Ridin the…

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The Songs on "Essential Human Project," 2005-2023.

I started all this songwriting and recording back in 2005.  Initially, I only intended to record and release one CD of songs I had been fooling around with as a hobby. This initial effort ultimately resulted in "The Real Stuff,"…

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Top Downloads for 2022, and New Release Info.

2022 was another good year for Human Project music. Close to 4,000 downloads total. Not bad for an artist that fly's under the radar, does not play live, and has no agent or publicist.  There is news on a new…

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