Who is listening to Human's Show?

The Human has hosted Human's show for over 10 years.  He plays a variety of music, hot blues and smokin rock.  Almost all old school.  Why? Because this music is the best.  There is nothing going on today in the music scene that can duplicate it or sound like it. For this reason, this is what he plays. He has an extensive collection of vinyl and cd's that he draws from. He also plays his own music, (The Human Project)  His audience is an international one, and can vary from week to week, or month to month but the countries listed are pretty consistent.  The same with US cities.

The top US Cities that regularly listen to his show are:

Newark, NJ. Fresno, CA. Kansas City. Denver. Chicago. Dallas. Houston. Wichita. Washington DC. Portland. San Diego. Philadelphia. Tampa. Cincinnati. Charlotte. New York City.  (There are more, but these are consistent with good numbers of listeners)


Australia. (Melbourne, Adelaide) UK (Glascow, Liverpool) Russian Federation (Khabarovsk) Germany. Netherlands. France. Spain. Austria. Sweden. Canada. South Africa.

The link to Human's Show is below.  Go check it out. If you sign up you will automatically receive an email on when a new show goes up. 


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