I have a couple of new updates for you regarding Human Project Music.

1), My new release, "Intersection," is still stuck at CDBaby. I have been trying not to call them, because I know how I will ultimately get with them regarding this big mess. Hell, they have had it so long, I have written 3 new songs since then.  I am still excited about the quality and variety on it, if it would only release to all the major sites.

2). I wrote a new song called "Whiskey."  I recorded it in my home studio, then I sent it to my friend AC Myles to lay down the lead track. As usual, he did a killer job. No plans to release this anytime soon, but I do have long term plans for it.

3). I started working with a long time friend, David Brown on a couple of new songs.  It's a little change of direction for me, but I welcome it.  This is more country rock type stuff and I can get right in the middle of that.  I have country roots as well. David is a very skilled all around player. From guitar to mandolin, he is very accomplished.  We have 2 songs we are working on right  now. Just a hint, if you like Lyle Lovett, you are really going to dig one of em.

I appreciate everyone's support of my music. I have an international following for which I am very grateful.  When I started all this in 2005, I never dreamed I would get this far with it.


With David Brown.  David has also played mandolin on one of my top selling downloads,

"Norwegian Wood," a Beatles track off Rubber Soul. He played on "King Cotton," as well. 

Stay tuned for a couple of new tracks soon.

Loyd, better known as The Human to his close friends, has released 6 CD's and one download only release since 2005. 

Most of the material is original.  All of this after he stopped playing after high school, and didn't start playing again for close to 40 years.

His new one, "Intersection," is stuck at CDBaby.  He is excited to get it released. At 69 years of age now,

he will keep doing this as long as he can put out quality songs.  He figures he has a few more years left in the tank.


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