Top Downloads for September, 2021

Downloads of Human Project Music remained strong for the month of September 2021.  For the first time of a couple of years, Highway 58 was knocked from its number one position and replaced by "Vicodin Blues 2019."  This is an acoustic version of this song recorded in my home studio.  The original studio version is on "Last Train Out," recorded in 2011. Overall there were over 50 different Human Project songs downloaded, many of course multiple times from different regions of the world. The vast majority were written by Loyd..The Human.  

Here are the top downloads:

Vicodin Blues 2019 (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Highway 58 (Humanize 2017)

Keep it to Yourself (Single Release 2019)

57 Channels (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Deep River (HP II, Humanized 2008)

Life (Fadin to Gray 2019)

Headin For Tennessee (The Real Stuff 2006)

Goin South (HP II, Humanized 2008)

Stormy Night in Texas (The Real Stuff 2006)

Norwegian Wood (Human's Last Stand 2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Over 25 different countries downloaded HP Music. The top ones are listed below.                                                                

USA.  China.  Brazil.  Germany.  Austria.  Canada.  Australia.  Switzerland.  France.  UK.                                                    

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  Although I have no label, no PR firm and don't play live. People still find and purchase my music.  This is of course...very rewarding and speaks very highly of the songs.



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