Top Downloads for May 2020

These are the top downloads for Human Project music for the month of May, 2020.  Over 26 countries downloaded the music.  The top downloads are as follows.

Highway 58                (Vandergriff)                         Humanize 2017                        

Norwegian Wood       (Lennon/McCartney)            Human's Last Stand 2014

Taliban Man               (Vandergriff)                         Best of The Human Project 2010

Jimmy's Juke Joint    (Vandergriff)                         The Real Stuff 2006

57 Channels              (Springsteen)                        Fadin To Gray 2019

Life                            (Vandergriff)                          Fadin To Gray 2019

Beyond Blue              (Vandergriff                           Human's Last Stand 2014

Deep River                (Vandergriff)                          Human Project II, Humanized 2008

Despite existing in relative obscurity, Loyd is one of the top selling artists from Central California.  His music sells internationally. He has no label backing. No management. No PR firm. He does all of it himself.  He also produces his own music. He also hosts Human's Show, a podcast he has been doing for close to 10 years. It has an international following.

The new release is still delayed at CDBaby.  Beyond Frustrating.

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.

From the Central Valley Of California comes...........Loyd Vandergriff's Human Project.

Rockin since 2005.

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