Top Downloads for March, 2020 

These are the top downloads for Human Project Music for March, 2020. Over 50 different songs downloaded for a total of close to 300.  Most of the songs written by the Human.  

Top downloads for March

Highway 58                                   Humanized 2017

Raisin Cane                                  Single, but is on new release, "Intersection," as well.

Life                                                Fadin to Gray 2019

High Anxiety                                 Human Project II, Humanized

Fast Train                                     Humanized 2017

Jimmy's Juke Joint                       The Real Stuff, 2006

Requiem For Washington             Last Train Out 2011

Bar Room Meltdown                     Humanized 2017

57 Channels                                 Fadin To Gray 2019


Top Countries that downloaded Human Project Music






South Africa



Great Britain


The Human has himself in quarantine.  With a lot of time on his hands, he wrote and recorded, "Stoned to the Bone."  Its below for your listening pleasure. It's rollin old school.  Look below. :)





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