The Story of Connection 

In approximately 2018, The Human decided he would try to cover the Jagger-Richards song, "Connection."  It was not the Stones version of it, but rather an obscure version done by Montrose in 1974. It was on their Paper Money album.  The Human really liked their version with Sammy Hager laying down a great vocal. So he sent this version to Jerry Leal at Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA and asked him what he thought.  He said, " I know a guy who can help you with this." His name was Rick Willmitch and yes, he could most certainly do that. He sketched out the track with guitar, bass and drums and we met at Pyramid. He played what he had and I really liked it.  I started to work on laying the vocal which was more difficult than I though it would be, but I finally nailed it. I brought it Sharon Jordan Leal of Fresno to add some background harmonies I arranged.  I had Rick lay a harmonica solo down in a couple of places.  And, we pretty much had it. I sent the track to Jeff Sanders of Merced, CA to master it. He did a killer job so "Connection," was born.  It is not a top seller, but really it is one of The Human's favorite tracks.  So, that is the story of Connection, It is on 2019, "Fadin to Gray," a download only release.  

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