Download Sales for Human Project Music June 2020

June was another pretty good month for downloads sales of Human Project Music.  It seems many are going back and listening to some of my older releases like "The Real Stuff," that was released in 2006.    Songs from the new release, "Intersection," does not show up in sales yet.  It will take approximately 60 days to get into the system. I have high expectations for it.

This month, 60 different Human Project songs were downloaded from my various releases.  People from 25 different countries hopped on board.  Of these 60 downloads, I wrote 55 of them.  How many songs total have I written?  I really lost count. I know well over 70.  I also know other artists are recording some of them and I look forward to my next report next month to find out exactly how many and which songs.

This is the breakdown for June sales:


Highway 58                                          Humanize 2017.

Hi Fallutin Momma                               The Real Stuff 2006.

Red Vette Roll                                      The Real Stuff 2006

Life                                                       Fadin To Gray 2019

Ridin This Train                                    The Real Stuff 2006

Headin For Tennessee                         The Real Stuff 2006

Bar Room Meltdown                             Humanize 2017

My V8 Ford                                           Human Project II, Humanized 2008.


Top Countries to download Human Project Music:




Great Britain






CD's that got the most downloads:

Best of the Human Project  2010

Humanize 2017

The Real Stuff 2006

Fadin To Gray 2019

Human's Last Stand 2014

Last Train Out 2011

Humanized 2008


Thanks for all your support of Human Project Music.  Thanks to all that downloaded, "Intersection," and to those considering downloading it.  I am a purely self made artist. I write, record and do all the promotional work by myself.  If I go into the studio, (last time was 2017) I am fortunate to have some very good local musicians to draw upon.  I have my favorites who know my style and what works for me. Thanks to all of them.


The Human Project 2011. This unit played in the Tower District for a CD release party.  The place was packed and we rocked the place.  Never heard back from them, and never have been asked to do another gig around these parts despite my sales and killer band I could put together. A shame. 




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