August Updates

I have not posted a blog in awhile. I do have the monthly downloads for July, 2021, but all in all about the same as the previous months.  I continue to do my podcast, but did encounter some software difficulties that have made it frustrating. 

I found an old song of mine that I re-did using more of an acoustic approach to it, and found the song to be even more relevant than when I recorded it in 2014. It's called "Politics."  It is simply about man's inablitity to get along in almost every critcial area.  I did a little YouTube video of it and I am providing the link below, simply click on it.

I am trying to travel some and enjoy retirement more, but Covid of course has other ideas.  I appreciate your support. I have a small but loyal fan base and they are greatly appreciated.  Until next time....peace and love.

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