The Human Project

Update on New Human Project CD

We just about have this thing mastered. Nothing goes as planned.  Had to work through some issues.  I think it will finally get released in very early April.  It has to be sent off for packaging and artwork.  I had pictures taken for the cover and other parts of the CD.  

Here is a track listing, and also the players on the CD.

1.  Lookin For My Freak Flag

2.  The Stripper

3.  Norweigan Wood

4.  Politics

5.  Beyond Blue

6.  The Red Rose

7.  Folsom Prison Blues

8.  King Cotton.

9.  Juke Joint Showdown. (re-mix and remaster)

bonus track 9....18 Wheels.

The Players:

Loyd..The Human....Guitars, All Vocals..Bass,  Percussion.

Bill Sayre...Drums

AC Myles..Lead guitar on track 1, 6.

David Brown..Mandolin..3,8

Eva Scow...Fiddle...8

Dave Wallace..Hammond, 1, 5.

Don Heflin..Bass..1

All songs written by The Human except Norweigan Wood, (Lennon/McCartney) Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)

Produced by The Human and Bill Sayre


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