The Human Project

new videos..short clips of studio process

I laid the bass tracks to 5 songs today. I have explained how I have "building" these tracks. The videos try to explain further how I do this.  Unfortunately, I can't get the entire video to load from my phone to You tube, or facebook.  I do have these partial videos on my Human Project facebook page.  If you have a facebook account you can click this link and go check em out. Like the Human Project while you are there.  I am working on being able to load entire videos to a You Tube Account.  These tracks are still raw....rough mix..with no lead guitar or keyboards yet.  Scratch vocals.  Remember,I am showing you how I build a track.


Here is the link:

you may have to copy and paste this to your browser.

I will post more pics from next session, I was absorbed with getting bass tracks put down today. PEACE.

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