The Human Project

Mixing News

We have finished editing. This means getting all the unnecesary noise out of each track, bad notes..all that stuff. We are now into the mixing phase.  Balancing all the instruments. Getting them to sound good together. Getting the vocals and harmonies balanced. And most important, getting those drums to sound good.  I like a crackin snare and big kick Gettin it.  This is a long process to make all the songs sound good.  I am still shooting for a mid to late January release, but it could easily spill over into Feb.  I get busy with my real job too, making it harder to get into the studio.

Thanks for all Human Project fans for downloading my music.  I have well over 200 downloads the past couple of months. Awesome.  I think all Human Project fans will be happy with my new release. I don't have a huge following, but the ones I have are awesome.  Thanks for that.

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Rock on friends.


Layin down harmony vocals. Important part of Human Project songs.

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