The Human Project

Mastering New CD

I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my wife to Maui.  

New CD News:

All the tracks are now complete.  We have entered the mastering phase now and Bill Sayre at Fast Traxx should have been working on this while I was gone. I would say maybe one more week on this. Once the tracks have been mastered, I will send the disc off the Disc makers where they will design the artwork and duplicate and package the CD. This could take up to a month. It will then have to be distributed to the various outlets that will sell it for me. CDbaby will be the primary selling site for the physical copy of the CD. It will be available on ITunes and other web hosting music sites.  This will be The Human's first new release in 3 years.  This disc will be more diverse than some of his other releases.  It has a killer blues rocker with AC Myles on lead guitar. It has a somber slow track that brings back memories of the 60's and Procal Harem and Lee Michaels layin down Killer B3 Hammond.  It has a Mellencamp type rocker, and a country tinged track too. It will have 9 total tracks..7 new original Human Project Tracks and 2 Cover tracks, a first for the Human. Keep checking the blog for further updates and information on the release of the new Human Project CD!


Ready to hear it all, bring it on!
I'm ready Bro. This ones on the house Right ? Thanks Loyd.

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