The Human Project


For those of you not completely familiar with The Human Project, and just what is out there circulating around, here is a summary of releases by The Human Project.

2006  The Real Stuff

2008  Human Project II, Humanized

2010  Best of The Human Project.  (Some of the best from first 2 CD's and 4 new tracks not available on any other CD's.

2011  Last Train Out.

On all 4 of these CD's, all songs written by The Human, (Loyd Vandergriff)

All of these CD's have links to the CDbaby store on home page of this website. Alot of this stuff is available on ITunes as well. Just google The Human Project..

New CD in early April.

Thanks for your support.  These past few months have shown an increase in sales and downloads of Human Project music.  This is encouraging.  Keep spreadin the word about the Human Project.  You fans are the best.

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