The Human Project

May 2019


Hope all is good with Human Project fans.  The Human has about 4 new songs in the can, but is waiting to see what he wants to do with them.  He will probably release a single soon with one of them.  He will let you know which one soon.

Summertime on the way!

The Human's main site now is:

He keeps that site more updated than this one, it's more user friendly.  So stop by there if you can.


Spring 2019


Spring has finally arrived after a long wet cold winter here in the Central Valley of California. After releasing the "download only" Fadin to Gray," in late January, The Human has been working mostly on single stuff. He has done a couple of killer covers in his home studio working with AC Myles.  The first one is Something Big by Tom Petty. It is playing on the main home page here. The second one is a tribute to Buddy Holly with a rousing version of his "Not Fade Away."  He put the video in his You Tube section here on his website.  He will release one or both of these sometime this summer.  Appreciate all your outstanding support all these years. From 2006 "The Real Stuff," to 2019 "Fadin To Gray."  All possible because the fans keep pushing him on by downloading and buying his music.  The best!

Keep Rockin!

New Release at CD Baby


Human's new release, "Fadin to Grey," is now available for download at CD Baby.  This is a download only release, It will be available at other music distribution sites like Spotify and Itunes soon!

Copy and paste this link to browser and it will take you to cdbaby page where it's available,

New Release updates


The Human will release "Fadin To Gray," in mid January 2019. It will have 10 new tracks. 6 Human project originals and 4 cover tracks. It will be a download release only.  You can download it into your phone, ipad, computer etc. More details to follow!

New Music!


Here comes Christmas and before we know it, another year 2019!  There will be a new Human Project release in January of 2019.  It will be available for download only.  You can download the entire album, or just purchase individual tracks.  6 new Human Project tracks and there are 2 covers.  We will let you know when this bad boy drops!  Happy New year to ya. Peace and Love in 2019!!!!!!



Halloween is right on us. The Human has his song "The Creepers," playing on his page. There is also a YouTube video to the song in video section.  

The Human has been somewhat busy with some new stuff and well get more serious with it after he returns for an overseas trip soon.

He will put out a "digital cd," (online purchase and download only) in mid spring.

His podcast, "Human's Show," continues to do well. 

Peace to all of you brothers and sistas in da music.



New Single August 2018


This is the link to The Human's new single, Hammer Gonna Fall.  It is his spin on the current turbulent political situation in the US.

Copy and paste and head on over.


Recorded in his home studio.



August 2018


Hope all is good with Human Project Fans. The Human releases a single every so often that can be found on Spotify, Itunes and all those sites. No new major CD in works yet, although he has enough material to release a new one.  He has another website that he posts on as well, and the blog feature is a little better and more user friendly for him, so make sure to check that one as well. There is also an easy link to his show, "Human's Show," on Podomatic.  You just click on it and you are off and groovin.

This is site..just copy and paste the link.


Thanks for all the support of Human Project Music world-wide.

Love ya



Hello from the heat stricken Central Valley of California where we are in a long stretch of 100+ degree weather.  All is good with The Human. He still hosts Human's show on podomatic and still works in his home studio mostly when we writes and records. He did complete a new single called Connection, a Jagger/Richards track, but it is more patterned after a version Montrose did off their Paper Money release in 1974.  He has NOT released this yet.  There will be another CD down the road, not sure when or what will be included.  Human Project Fans are the best. Knowledgeble, informed, and cool people. Thanks for your support.  

The Human Has another site with very good info there. So Copy and paste this link and check it out too!



Peace yall.

The Real Blog






April Updates, Downloads



March Updates 2018


March Human Project Updates. Downloads. etc. Good Stuff for Fans!!!!

Copy and paste the link to browser!

FEB Updates 2018


Copy and paste this link to get current Human Project Updates.


New YouTube Video in youtube section here. Go subscribe too.  :)


Get Humanized.

2018 Updates


Hey Human Project fans. Sorry so long between updates on this site. All good with The Human. Download sales good thanks to your the fans world-wide.  The Human just added a new Youtube video, Backroads. It is in the HumanYouTube link.

Here is link to the current updates..just copy and paste and click.

Human Project fans are made up of a small army of people world-wide. They have discerning tastes in music and The Human's lyrics and unique organic music appeal to them. Thanks to being a fan of The Human Project.

Updates from The Human's Blog.


Copy and paste this link to get updates. The Human has a blog on google. It really is the best source of current Human Project stuff.

Updates...You Tube etc.


The Human has added some new You Tube Videos to his webite here. Just click on youtube link. If have not subscribed to his youtube go and do it, and check all video's out and you will be notified when new ones are posted.

Happy Halloween to all of you.


New You Tube!


Lots of hate and Intolerance goin down. The Human recorded Get Together. Made famous by The Youngbloods in 1967.  Copy and past the link.  Get on board the you tube train.  Good stuff.

The Creepers. You Tube


I finally made a You Tube video of my song "The Creepers," from HP II, Humanized. The Creeper's come out on a full moon right at midnight, in the dark alley's of the inner cities. BEWARE. I did the vocal on Halloween Evening. Copy and paste the Link to your browser.

Sept Updates


Good source for Human Project Music is to check The Human's YouTube Channel. Here is the link. You can subscribe there.

Copy and paste link to your browser.

August 2017 Updates


Copy and Paste this link for Human Project Updates for August. You can get Humanize on home page. Link to CD and other CD's right there. Human Project Fans are the best. The Human Project. Rockin since 2006.

New You Tube Video History of The Human Project


The Human has a youtube site. This is his most recent video, A History of The Human Project. Fans will find informative. Set to his Song Highway 58, From the New CD Humanize. Copy and paste the link.

Best Source of Human Project Updates.


Copy and paste this link. This is best source of up to date news on The Human Project 2017. New CD "Humanize" has been released. Peace Yall.

New CD Humanize is out


New CD is out and available on CDBaby and will be soon on all distribution sites like spotify and Itunes as well. 

This is The Human's first CD in 3 years. All original music.


Copy and paste this link for YouTube of Bar Room Meltdown. Smokin track from the new release. Follow the Human on YouTube to get updates of new songs too. Rock on. Peace.

New CD July 2017


Human's new CD, "Humanize" will drop in mid July 2017.

9 new Human Project Tracks!

New CD Drops June 2017


The first New Human Project CD in over 3 years will drop mid June. 9 New original Human Project tracks.  Hot, live feel.  Killer keyboards and hot guitar work.  Ain't nobody writin em like da Human, but yall know that. Stay tuned for more info.

Studio News


The Human is going back into the studio this month to begin work on a new CD, his 6th.  Make sure to listen to his podcast. Better updates are provided there.


Hope all is good with Human Project Fans.



Very sorry for the lack of updates here. All is good with The Human. He stays busy running his own big business, but still dabbles with his music recording mostly at home now.  He still hosts Human's show on podomatic when he can.  He is appreciative of the downloads he sells each month on the various music sites.  



Big Money. You Tube link.


The Human was messing in his studio and recorded a song he wrote called. "Big Money." Its about the influence of money in Politics.  The "outside," influences can come from the left or right and all they do in the end is affect the common man. copy and paste link to browser.

Top 5 Human Project Downloads FEB 2016


Despite not having recorded any new music in close to 2 years, The Human had one of his best download months ever in FEB. Thanks to all Human Project fans world-wide. Over 37 different tracks were downloaded. Here are the top 5. 1). High Anxiety 2). Requiem For Washington 3). Stormy Night In Texas 4). Taliban Man 5). Red Vette Roll. You Tube of High Anxiety.

A Message From The Huma


A message From The Human to his Fans.

Podomatic Fans too. :)

Interview with The Human about HS 45 he cut with Anonymous 5.


The Human played in bands all 4 years of his High School experience.  In 1967, when he was 16, The Band he was in (The Anonymous 5) cut a 45 called "Baby It's You."

He is interviewed by Dick Lee, host of Gargage Bands of the 60's.  In this interview, The Human talks about this experience. Copy and paste the link to your browser and check it out.

Happy New Year 2016


The Human wanted to wish all his friends and fans a Happy 2016 and to thank them for all their support the past year.  He has sold 200-300 downloads a month of Human Project tracks from his various CD's. He always has it in the back of his mind to venture back into the studio..and maybe one might happen. Until then, continue to enjoy Human Project music.  Original. Unique.  Get ya some if ya hadn't already.  The Human appreciates his friends and fans.!

You Tube. My Flag


The Human has been busy..he has done a couple of simple stripped down you tube video's in his home studio.

Here is link to one called "My Flag."

He continues to host Human's Bluesfest as well.

No plans for studio anytime soon.

Thanks for all the downloads each month from all the fans.

copy and past the link.

rock on

High Anxiety You Tube.

Acoustic version. Vicodin Blues.


The Human is gonna do some acoustic versions of some of his songs and some others too. Some will be solo, and some with a few other's with him. Here is first shot at solo doing, "Vicodin Blues."  From Last Train Out. 2011.

Copy and paste this link to your browser.

Modern Day Folksong You Tube


The Human has put together a video to go with his song, "Modern Day Folksong." Song originally written in 2008, but has become relevant today again.

You will need to copy and paste link to your browser.

While you are over at his you tube can subscribe and be notified when new videos are put up. Rock on!

Happy Spring


Happy Spring 2015. Hope everyone is well and healthy. Here is a link to a you tube video The Human did to his song "Standing in the Shadows." From his 2006 CD, "The Real Stuff." Copy and paste to browser. Enjoy!

Friday Thang


A Little you tube of The Human's Friday Thang. Hope all good with all of yall. Merry Christmas to ya!!!

Fall Updates


Hope everyone had a great summer. It just flew by didn't it. We had a dry one here in the Central Valley of Cal. and badly need a lot of snow this summer in the mountains. 

The Human has been laying low on the music front. He continues to sell alot of downloads thanks to people like you. He still hosts Human's bluesfest on podomatic.

Keep checking here for updates....

Or you can follow him on Facebook at:


Rock on!!!

Late Summer Updates


Sorry for negligence in Updates my friends.  Just a busy summer. Music has been selling good, especially downloads of Human Project music.  I appreciate all of that.  Still host Human's Bluefest on podomatic, a hobby for me, but it lets me reach a big world-wide audience. If you are a listener, thanks!  Nothing much going on with the music, in terms of new stuff.  Just playin all my old stuff, which there is plenty of. Links to all kinds of sites here on my website.

I am #1 in my area of around 600,000 people..the Fresno, Clovis California area on the Reverb Nation Charts.

here is the link you can copy and paste.

Will have more updates later for ya.

Rock on.

Freak Flag Video


Copy and paste the link below to your browser. Its a little picture montage of The Human taken during gigs and studio sessions set to "Lookin For My Freak Flag," from the CD, "Human's Last Stand."

Mid-summer updates


Hope everyone's summer is going good where ever you might be. All good with The Human.  Still selling lots of downloads from new CD, Human's Last Stand, and Human's Bluesfest continues to do well.

I just got some new AC Myle's CD's..."Reconsider Me," to send to some of my friends.  Here is selfie we took.  AC Played on my track "Lookin For My Freak Flag," and is a good friend.  

Thanks for your continued support of The Human Project.



AC Myles and The Human. July 2014.  Rock on.


Summer Updates.


We are rolling into summer now...and I hope everyone will have a good one.  The Human Released Human's Last Stand a few months ago, and it has been well received. You can get all of The Human's CD's here on my site, just go to the front page and there is Links to all of them.  They are also on itunes and links to that are in another blog.

The Human continues to host Human's Bluesfest on podomatic.  He plays tracks from his personal CD collection and the show has attracted a pretty good international following.  He has no plans to record any music, anytime soon, so enjoy the 5 CD's that he has released over an 8 year period.

Everyone have a great summer.


Human Project Special on Podomatic.


Human Project Special on Podomatic.


copy and paste to your browers.



You Tube Interview with The Human by Fresno Bee.


Link to You Tube interview with The Human.

Human's Last Stand On Itunes.


Human's Last Stand now available on ITunes...copy and paste the link to your brower!

New CD Drops at CDBaby


Loyd's (The Human's) new CD is now available for purchase or to download at CDbaby.  You can by the physical CD, or download tracks. It will not be available on ITunes or any other distribution sites for a week or so more.  But you can get it now at CDBaby.  You have to create a customer account there, it is easy and safe.


This is The Human's first CD in 3 years.



The new CD is complete, but now has to be sent to the various sites that will make the music available to you. The first site that will be offering it for sale will be CDBaby.  This should happen in about a week to 10 days.  It will take it 2-3 weeks to get on ITunes, Spotify and other sites that host music.  

If you are interested in an autographed copy.  I will send you one and pay the postage as soon as I get your money.  An Autographed copy will be $15.00 US Money.  E Mail me at    You can let me know you want a cd, I will then give you the info you need to get the money to me and you can give me your address to send it. I will mail overseas if method of payment can be worked out.  I will also send you autographed Human Project Poster.  How bout that???

I will keep you posted on when the CD drops on all the sites.  I appreciate all Human Project fans...I have been at this awhile has taken some time to build up a good fan base.  But there is a reason why this CD is called Human's Last Stand.  Sho is.

Thanks for all your support.

The Human.  April 2014.




New CD Update


CD is bogged down in mastering.  Difficult to explain. But I just won't settle for something I don't like, so I am standing firm on getting it like I want it. Very sorry for postponements, I am as disappointed as you are.  It is possible it could get finished this upcoming week, but I am not counting on it. It has been over 6 weeks since I finished the final mixes.  The artwork is ready and I have things ready as far as liner notes for CDBaby.  I am still hoping for Mid to late April Release. Thanks for hangin in there with me.




For those of you not completely familiar with The Human Project, and just what is out there circulating around, here is a summary of releases by The Human Project.

2006  The Real Stuff

2008  Human Project II, Humanized

2010  Best of The Human Project.  (Some of the best from first 2 CD's and 4 new tracks not available on any other CD's.

2011  Last Train Out.

On all 4 of these CD's, all songs written by The Human, (Loyd Vandergriff)

All of these CD's have links to the CDbaby store on home page of this website. Alot of this stuff is available on ITunes as well. Just google The Human Project..

New CD in early April.

Thanks for your support.  These past few months have shown an increase in sales and downloads of Human Project music.  This is encouraging.  Keep spreadin the word about the Human Project.  You fans are the best.

Update on New Human Project CD


We just about have this thing mastered. Nothing goes as planned.  Had to work through some issues.  I think it will finally get released in very early April.  It has to be sent off for packaging and artwork.  I had pictures taken for the cover and other parts of the CD.  

Here is a track listing, and also the players on the CD.

1.  Lookin For My Freak Flag

2.  The Stripper

3.  Norweigan Wood

4.  Politics

5.  Beyond Blue

6.  The Red Rose

7.  Folsom Prison Blues

8.  King Cotton.

bonus track 9....18 Wheels.

The Players:

Loyd..The Human....Guitars, All Vocals..Bass,  Percussion.

Dwayne Janzen..Lead Guitar...2,4,7

Bill Sayre...Drums

AC Myles..Lead guitar on track 1, 6.

David Brown..Mandolin..3,8

Eva Scow...Fiddle...8

Dave Wallace..Hammond, 1, 5.

Don Heflin..Bass..1

All songs written by The Human except Norweigan Wood, (Lennon/McCartney) Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)

Produced by The Human and Bill Sayre


Mastering New CD


I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my wife to Maui.  

New CD News:

All the tracks are now complete.  We have entered the mastering phase now and Bill Sayre at Fast Traxx should have been working on this while I was gone. I would say maybe one more week on this. Once the tracks have been mastered, I will send the disc off the Disc makers where they will design the artwork and duplicate and package the CD. This could take up to a month. It will then have to be distributed to the various outlets that will sell it for me. CDbaby will be the primary selling site for the physical copy of the CD. It will be available on ITunes and other web hosting music sites.  This will be The Human's first new release in 3 years.  This disc will be more diverse than some of his other releases.  It has a killer blues rocker with AC Myles on lead guitar. It has a somber slow track that brings back memories of the 60's and Procal Harem and Lee Michaels layin down Killer B3 Hammond.  It has a Mellencamp type rocker, and a country tinged track too. It will have 9 total tracks..7 new original Human Project Tracks and 2 Cover tracks, a first for the Human. Keep checking the blog for further updates and information on the release of the new Human Project CD!

Final Stretch


Well, I am entering the final stretches of mixing. It's been a long journey.  Should finish that next week. Then it needs to get mastered. Bill Sayre at Fast Traxx will do it for me.  Then..It has to be sent off to disc makers to have the artwork and CD design done. And..CD's duplicated. This can take a month. So, I am going to guess mid to late March on this baby.  I think it will be worth the wait, I have worked hard on it and will not do anymore full blown CD's after this, only maybe singles that I will make available as downloads.  This will be my 5th CD.  Enough.  I have accumulated alot of really good fans and listeners and that has been a real reward for me.  

Here is a little video I did talking about mixing and you get a little listen to "The Red Rose." The sound is of course compromised through the reality bleepin rocks. copy and paste that link to your browser and go take a listen. I appreciate all of you. Keep it crankin.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to Human Project friends and fans. Still working on the new CD. Mixing still. I forgot how tedious this can be, especially if you are a perfectionist like me.  I am also getting ready to get real busy with my real job that will slow me down.  I will get it done. I think It will be March now before it will be released. Thanks for your patience, I hope the CD will be worth the wait.

Hope you have a great 2014.  Take care of yourselves, you will be older before you know it and wish you would have.

Rock on!

King Cotton is now Available on Itunes, The Human's song about Cotton Ginning.

Go to Itunes and just search The Human Project.



Final Stretch, Mixing.


Have been mixing the new tracks now for a couple of weeks. Keep in mind, I don't go in everyday.  I have 3 songs left to mix, then mastering.  I am still trying to get disc out by end of January, but would not be suprised if it bleeds over into February.

I had AC Myles come into the studio yesterday the help out a little on one on my tracks. Now it's complete. While I had him in there, I did a little interview with him. You can check it out on Youtube.  Copy and paste the following link to see it.

Thanks to all of you for downloading my music and supporting the Human Project.  I go up against the big labels and people that have marketing muscle behind them.  I do this all myself to provide you with Human Project music. Much appreciated.

Mixing News


We have finished editing. This means getting all the unnecesary noise out of each track, bad notes..all that stuff. We are now into the mixing phase.  Balancing all the instruments. Getting them to sound good together. Getting the vocals and harmonies balanced. And most important, getting those drums to sound good.  I like a crackin snare and big kick Gettin it.  This is a long process to make all the songs sound good.  I am still shooting for a mid to late January release, but it could easily spill over into Feb.  I get busy with my real job too, making it harder to get into the studio.

Thanks for all Human Project fans for downloading my music.  I have well over 200 downloads the past couple of months. Awesome.  I think all Human Project fans will be happy with my new release. I don't have a huge following, but the ones I have are awesome.  Thanks for that.

If you are on facebook, stop by and like The Human Project there too, I put up more stuff there than here.


Rock on friends.


Layin down harmony vocals. Important part of Human Project songs.

Starting to Mix


Well..starting to mix new songs.  What a long journey huh?  Basically started in February.  This mixing process will take a couple of weeks. Once I send it off to be duplicated and packaged, that can take a month or so. Not in a real hurry, I will release it in January sometime. In the meantime, I am going to "officially" release a single called "King Cotton." It is a different song, a different genre, but my roots run deep in music that has a fiddle, and mandolin.  My grandpa was killer fiddle play and uncle both fiddle and mandolin. My dad...guitar.  My dad was a cotton gin engineer, so I was exposed to cotton and ginning of cotton all my life.  By the time he passed away in 2004, he was recognized as the modern day Eli Whitney.  So my song, "King Cotton," is about ginning cotton, from planting, to picking, to ginning to sending it to the mills and ultimately the consumer in the form of shirts and sheets. Finally, it is a tip of the hat to my dad.  This single will be released next week through digital distribution from cdbaby. I will inform you when it becomes available. In the meantime, I am going back to work today on finishing the rest of the tracks.

New Human Project Single


The Human just finished a new single called, "Lookin For My Freak Flag."  You can check it out on Human's bluesfest.

Still working on the new CD with early spring release date now.  


Looking For my Freak Flag...written by the Human

AC Myles lead guitar/Bill Sayre drums/Don Heflin Bass/Dave Wallace B3/The Human, rhythm guitar, all vocals.

More Studio


Went back to Cobalt Studio's here in Fresno, where I started on a few tracks in FEB.  Had not been back much, since I have been working at Fast Traxx.  We did some editing and mixing. Almost done with the tracks there, then will take them to fast traxx to finish with my other tracks.  No longer putting a time table on this release.  When it happens it happens, could most certainly be after the first of the year.  

Thanks for being a fan of The Human Project.

Mixing at Cobalt in Fresno, CA.  The Human at the board.

Couple of Live pics


Human Project at private gig in Corcoran, CA  10/5/2013


I really like this lean and mean version of The Human Project.  Dwayne on guitar. Check Hernandez on drums and John Dees on bass.  Tight.  Power packed.

Still workin on tracks for new CD.  Takin my time. 

The Human Project. Workin Too Hard.

Latest Recording News


I got some very important keyboard tracks put down yesterday.  One of my new songs, "Beyond Blue," really needed some help, and the killer Hammond track just took it over the top.  I brought in Dave Wallace, a killer Hammond player from right here in Fresno.  His pic is below.  And, for the first time, I am including a couple of cover tracks on this new CD. One is "Folsom Prison Blues," and the Hammond kicking in the back just brought that track right up to smokin as well.  There are also a couple of pics of me putting down harmony tracks on Folsom Prison Blues.  Progress is being made now.  I see release around Christmas, or right after the first of the year.  Its a pretty diverse group of songs, I hope you will enjoy it.

Dave Wallace on the Hammond. The Human putting down some background Vocals at Fast Traxx in Fresno, CA



I started mixing a song I basically had finished couple of months ago.  "Runnin Up the Freak Flag." Mixing is not easy, and is time consuming. Editing too. Anyway, I will at least have a single ready for you to hear to hold you over until I get the damn CD done.  After I get "Freak Flag," finished, will get back on some of the others. I still have to get keyboard player in on a couple too.  Then heavy editing and mixing starts. It's been a LONG time, thanks for your patience with this all you Human project fans.  Hope you are listening to the Bluesfest on Podomatic too.  Appreciate all of you.\


Studio News August


Gpt back into the studio finally, Brought in Dwayne Janzen, the original Human Project lead guitarist, and he put down lead to 4 tracks. I am getting closer on some of my songs. I still need some keyboards, and I have to finish up some harmonies and percussion, then....close. That said..I think it could still be close the Christmas before this thing all comes together. I may release a single before that to give you a flavor of what is going on.  However,this CD is pretty diverse with its music and flavors.



Late July Update


Very sorry for such a long period of time with no blog posts.  Obviously I have not been active in the studio. Several reasons for this. 1)  A couple of vacations and also trips related to work. 2)  Irresponsible muscians, that flake on me. 3) Irresponsible studio owners.  Irresponsible goes with the territory in the music business. That said, I am trying to get back in the studio next week and get some momentum back on the songs. I have 9.  I actually want to do 2 or 3 more, then toss out the weaker ones.  Thanks for stopping by and checking the blog.  Thanks also for your support of Human's Bluesfest on podomatic.

Putting Vocals Down


I started putting some permanent vocals down at Fast Traxx today.  I got 3 done. I also added some harmony tracks.  I still need lead guitar and keyboards added. I also have 2 songs at Cobalt here in Fresno that are almost complete. I have to go out of town on business week of 17th of June. Then when I return, I will get after it hard.  I may have to record one more of the cover tunes I am working on is not coming together. Most of the CD will be original Human project stuff.

Cobalt Studio update


I am working in Cobalt Studio in Fresno on 3 tracks...2 are Acoustic.  I brought in Eva Scow to play some fiddle on my track called King Cotton. It also has a mandolin on it.  That's it..sparse. Wrote the song about Cotton Ginning and ultimately, its a tribute to my dad.  I am including pic of big new board at Cobalt.  Mercy. I have to get back to Fast Traxx to finish up 6 tracks there.  If I can ever get this CD done, I think its gonna be a good one that my fans will enjoy.



new videos..short clips of studio process


I laid the bass tracks to 5 songs today. I have explained how I have "building" these tracks. The videos try to explain further how I do this.  Unfortunately, I can't get the entire video to load from my phone to You tube, or facebook.  I do have these partial videos on my Human Project facebook page.  If you have a facebook account you can click this link and go check em out. Like the Human Project while you are there.  I am working on being able to load entire videos to a You Tube Account.  These tracks are still raw....rough mix..with no lead guitar or keyboards yet.  Scratch vocals.  Remember,I am showing you how I build a track.


Here is the link:

you may have to copy and paste this to your browser.

I will post more pics from next session, I was absorbed with getting bass tracks put down today. PEACE.

May 15th Recent update


I am not back in the studio until May 21st. I will be putting down bass tracks to 5 songs at that time. I will try to get some video and pics and inform you how this session went. From there...I will bring lead guitar and keyboards in and then we will be getting closer and closer!  :)

Human in the studio. 2013. Workin on next project of new stuff.

May Studio Update


My last blog told you about laying rhythm guitar tracks to 5 songs. I used my strat and my hot rod deluxe amp to a click track or programmed drum machine to the proper beats per minute. Then, I put down scratch vocals for all 5 tracks. This got the tracks ready for drums to be added.  

My last session Monday May 6th, 2013 we got drums layed in. This is time consuming, because we had to mic em up. Look at the pic below.  Big kit and miked up for the big sound, especially on snare and kick. The overhead mics get great symbol sound and we put a ribbon mic in the middle of the room that adds cool effects.  Once this was done, we layed the tracks. Bill Sayre of Fast Traxx played drums for me. He has offered many times to do it, and I have always turned him down. This time when he offered, I accepted. I am glad I did. He is a very good drummer and his style fits my songs well. 

My next session will be May 21st, 2013.  I will put the bass tracks down on all 5 tracks.  I am gonna do it myself. I am not the best bass player, but on my songs I am a very good one. I know what I like.



Thanks for checking in. More updates after the May 21 session.


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Studio Update


Pretty good progress today in studio. I put down my guitar tracks for 4 songs.  For this project, I am not bring a bull blown band into the studio.  I am playing to a click track, or in this case..Bill programmed a "temporary" drum machine with the correct beats per minute and played to that.  I used my Fender Hot Rod Delux amp and we miked it up.  I did 2 originals and 2 covers. The next step now is to put real drums on all the tracks.  Then, I will bring in my lead guitar player and a keyboard player to finish it up. Finally, I will put down the real vocals..not scratch..and harmonies and percussion. This is what gives my songs..."The Human Project" sound. Unique. I have 3 songs at another studio.  If all goes according to plan, I will have 9 songs.  Expensive and this might slow me down some.  If I get a full blown CD complete, It will be end of summer at best.  This will make it over 2 years since the last one..and man...I am 99% sure this will be my final one.



Studio Updates


Things are starting to become a little clearer as to what may happen with potential new CD.  I will only be working in 2 studios.  I am getting close to finishing 3 acoustic rock type tracks at Cobalt here in Fresno.  I have almost completed 2 at Fast Traxx.  I have decided to do 4 more tracks at Fast Traxx which would give me a total of 9 for a potential new CD.  There will be 2 cover songs..a first for me. Understand this will take time. I am in no hurry and also understand how expensive this is and I have no backing. I finance all of it.  So when I get it done, I hope you, my fans will help me spread the word on the new product.



More Studio Updates/Memphis


Just got back from Memphis. Was on business trip, but of course I work the music scene in down on beale st.

I got bogged down in the studio, what else is new as far as that goes?  The latest update now is I will work in 3 different studio's on different tracks and pull them all together into one studio later.  Crazy, but lets just see what happens.  I may do a few covers of some of my favorite songs that I play well live, as well as several more Human Originals. Will keep you posted.

Human's Bluesfest, my show on Podomatic...still airs..check it out. Hot Blues. Smokin Rock. All from my personal CD Collection.

The Human appreciates his friends and fans!

2006 "The Real Stuff," On sale in CD Baby store.


Human's Classic 2006 release, "The Real Stuff," is on sale in the CD Baby store for $7.99.

It's a safe, secure transaction.

Studio News Updates!


Finally!  Back in studio..workin on 2 new tracks.  Brought in AC Myles from Fresno yesterday..and he put down some killer hot slide guitar on both tracks. 1)  The Red Rose. 2) Runnin up the Freak Flag.  Human will go in and finish up these 2 tracks hopefully by the end of next week...:)



Human Project Updates


The Human has been sidelined with the flu and other assorted health issues. This has knocked him out of the studio for awhile. He is planning on getting back in sometime soon.  He has written a few new tracks and would like to get them recorded and see where that leads.  He has NOT released any new songs in close to 2 years. So this should be an exciting time for Human Project fans.

He is still hosting his popular podcast, "Human's Bluesfest," on podomatic.  If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to do so.

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PS  His popular CD, "The Real Stuff," has been discounted in the CDBaby store.  Go to homepage here and click on the Real Stuff link!


Human Project II, Humanized


I wanted to encourage you to click this link and check out my second CD, Human Project II Humanized. Read the reviews on it. If you haven't purchased it yet, you can get the physical copy for $8.99 and the MP3 download for a steal of $3.99. I sent this one to Sterling Sound in NYC to get mastered.  Very proud of this one.  Sign the guestbook and let me know you dropped by.  Appreciate ya.


Human Project selling in Europe


There has been a recent flurry of Human Project sales in Europe. They must be listening to

my podcasts and diggin some of the Human Project tracks I am playing.  Thanks to

Be Goode Records out of Bern, Switzerland and Hang Loose records out of Raisting, Germany for

selling my stuff, and to all the customers who have purchased them!


Make sure to check out my podcast...Human's Bluesfest at:

Human Into Blues Hall of Fame


The Human was nominated and admitted into the blues hall of fame on March 10th, 2010.

Check it out!!!

go to on local blues artists...Fresno, CA

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